Terms and Conditions

Opening Times:

Miloni–Tech solutions are available via email info@miloni.co.uk Monday to Friday from 11am–8pm, Saturday and Sunday subject to availability. Additional chargers for weekend call outs. 

£50 (30 mins) Consultation payment to be made at https://miloni.co.uk/prices which is non-refundable. 50% deposit of total quoted cost will be required upfront. If cancellation is made more than 24 hours before the appointment, this will be refunded. If cancellations made within 24 hours, 50% will be non-refundable. Payments will be accepted on site via secure "PayPal Here". All payments are protected by PayPal.

Once £50 payment has been confirmed, you will be contacted to arrange a date and time that suits you for the 30 minutes consultation.

Computer Support includes:

  1. Apple Mac, Windows and Linux Specialist
  2. Software installation
  3. Health checks 
  4. Virus Removals 
  5. System Updates
  6. Setups to and from other devices such as printer, iPad, tablets. 
  7. RAM and Hard Drive upgrade - which model is required for the upgrade will be informed after product has been examined in consultation then will advise customer to purchase themselves.
  8. Forgotten Password Removals - customer advise all data is lost on this occasion if needing data to request data recovery if possible for the device. 
  9. Data Transfer
  10. Data Recovery

Please note: We can not guarantee that 100% of the data can be recovered. Price will be given after consultation and device has been examined. This service may have to be carried out off site depending on condition of device.

Computer repairs start from £70 including diagnostic this does not include any parts. If parts are required client will be informed. £70 must be paid upfront via https://miloni.co.uk/prices . Any additional repairs that may occur after initial fault is reported client will be informed of price before that repair has taken place. If Miloni-Tech Solutions are unable to repair the device a refund of £70 will be given to client. If client refuses repair cost no refund will be given. 

For all  repairs a 14 days warranty is provided for the fault that was originally reported. Miloni-Tech Solutions is not responsible or held accountable for any client data loss, passwords or personal accounts on the repaired device. We aim to complete repairs within 2-5 days unless specified otherwise to client.

£3.50 PayPal Fee will not be refunded. This is to insure payment protection for both parties. 

Tutorial Topics include: 

  1. How to use your computer – Mac or Windows 
  2. Software Packages – please email chosen software package you wish to learn 
  3. Creating a Website – Personal and Business
  4. Using your tablet or iPad
  5. Backing up and transferring of data 
  6. Creating content for social media platforms 

Please contact us regarding pricing packages fro tutorials.

Onsite visit:

If unable to carry out work due to on site issues, customer will have to buy another hour at a later date; i.e. internet not working on site, house member not at home, not aware of password, etc.

Repairs and consultations will be done on site unless advised otherwise. Miloni–Tech Solutions will not require passwords for any accounts, clients will be instructed to type their password whilst present at their own risk.

Miloni-Tech Solution will ensure customer is satisfied with the service upon completion.